Gabriel Douglas, right, brought sunshine and daisies to Minnesota when he formed the 4onthefloor in 1999.

Gabriel Douglas, right, brought sunshine and daisies to Minnesota when he formed the 4onthefloor in 2009.

Like all smart bandleaders, Gabriel Douglas blamed the daunting idea behind his quartet the 4onthefloor’s four-night 10th anniversary marathon in Minneapolis this week on his bandmates. The hard-stomping, full-tilt rockers are revisiting each of the group's three albums and three EPs in their entirety during the four back-to-back gigs.

“I just wanted to play four intimate, fun shows in a row with friends,” Douglas claimed. “The rest of the guys were the ones gung-ho about doing the whole albums.”

The fun kicks off for the kick-drum-surplus band Thursday night with a performance of the most recent 4otf album, "All In," in its entirety at Mortimer’s. Then Gabriel and his team return to play the second LP ("Spirit of Minneapolis") and then the EPs on Friday and Sunday. In between, the debut album that earned the group a good buzz nearly out of the gate, “4x4,” is on tap for the Modist Brewery on Saturday. 

“Turns out, I don’t remember how to play every song I’ve ever recorded,” Douglas reported with understatement. But he didn’t overstate his enthusiasm for his band, which plowed through several lineup changes in its decade-long run and continues to frequently tour. 

“After 10 years, I still don’t ever get off stage and ask myself if I’m still having fun," Douglas said. "I think that’s a certain form of success.” 

Here's the schedule for this week's anniversary shows, which are listed as 8 p.m. start time. Tickets to each one are available for $20 through

THURSDAY: Album: "All In" / Opening act: The Shackletons / Location: Mortimer's, 2001 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls.

FRIDAY: Album: "Spirit of Minneapolis" / Opener: Whiskey Rock 'n' Roll Club / Location: Mortimer's

SATURDAY: Album: "4x4" / Opener: Sam Cassidy / Location: Modist Brewery, 505 N. 3rd St., Mpls.

SUNDAY: Album: All three EPs and more / Opener: The Bad Man / Location: Mortimer's

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