An ex-Hennepin County District Court employee was cleared Monday of stealing more than $93,000 in computer equipment from his workplace.

A jury found Saleem Ghani not guilty of two counts of felony theft regarding items he had removed from the District Court’s Information Technology Department, but later returned. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on a third count related to other equipment that wasn’t returned.

Ghani, 42, of Maple Grove, was charged last November in connection with the disappearance of 112 computer parts, most of which were brought back to the Hennepin County Government Center by Ghani after he was confronted. Authorities later seized more equipment from his home.

Ghani’s attorney, Murad Mohammad, said the charges resulted from a misunderstanding. Ghani’s previous supervisor allowed him to work on equipment at home, but a new supervisor wasn’t aware of the policy.