ERKSINE, Minn. — Manny and Kin have steadfastly stood watch beside Union Lake in northwestern Minnesota for more than three decades without complaint. Now suddenly, the immobile couple is missing. No ransom note has been found. No demands have been made. Their owner fears the worst.

Lillian Rux is worried her two mannequins might be found at the bottom of the lake near Erskine.

Long ago, Rux's brother rescued Manny and Kin from a Dumpster behind a local store and placed them in his sister's yard as a joke. She became attached to them. The Grand Forks Herald ( ) says Rux's daughter makes sure the mannequin couple is properly attired for the season and holidays.

The 82-year-old Rux has plastered the area with posters hoping someone knows the whereabouts of her beloved mannequins.