Now that Brett Favre is back in the Vikings fold, it's time to think about where we're going to watch him this fall. For some, the answer is now "outside." 


Weatherproof TVs, designed for outdoor use, started entering the market a few years ago, and the trend is now picking up steam, says Thomas Ondov, president of the Domus Vita Group (, Appollo Systems, Maple Grove.

The new Minnesota-hardy TVs can operate in temperatures as low as 10 degrees below zero, Ondov says. Nobody wants to be outside watching TV in sub-zero weather. But Minnesota's cool autumn nights are ideal for chaise-lounge potatoes. "Outdoor TVs work well in fall during football season," Ondov says.

Wherever the TV moves, the beer and snacks are sure to follow. That's one reason more decks and patios are starting to resemble sports bars, with giant grills, bars and pizza ovens, as well as big-screen TVs and sound systems.

The man cave is moving up from the basement and out into the back yard, says Casey Loyd, product developer for Cal Spas ( In today's economy, more people are staying in their current homes and spending more time there. They're looking for ways to make their homes more fun.

"Guys like having their buddies or the neighbors over," Loyd says. "And some days, the man cave becomes the woman cave. It has to be friendly to the whole family -- and cool on poker night."

How about you? Where will you be watching the Purple this season?