Well, I just wrote a long blog posting on Jonny Flynn's return from July hip surgery tonight in the D League in Sioux Falls...

and the blog publishing software ate it.

So here's a shorter version:

He plays 24 1/2 minutes tonight, most of it in four and six minutes spurts, started (understandably) cautious and then grew more active, at least from most of the first half that I watched on the Web from San Antonio.

Here's his stat line:

3 for 7 shooting (including 2 for 4 on threes), nine assists, six turnovers, two steals, a rebound, no fouls in 24:34.

He spent most of his time looking to get other involved (hence the nine assists) and after watching that first half, I still don't buy the notion some people drew last season that he's a one-dimensional player who thinks only of his own stat line.

The guy can run and pass.

Don't believe me?

Check out highlights of his play tonight here.

Afterward, he spoke with reporters. Here's some of what he said:

"Just great to get back out there, play a long period and go up and down. I think I played all right. A few careless turnovers, those things are going to come when I get more playing time. Other than that, I felt good. Pushing off, sliding good, was able to sprint, run the break. I felt good."

But how will feel come Saturday?

"We'll see when I wake up," he said. ""That's the million dollar question."

He said his body and hip tightened, cramped up late in the game, which is one reason  why he didn't go back in near the end.

"My body's not used to taking all the minutes," he said. "That just comes with time. We definitely had strict minutes for me to play. I definitely wanted to go back in. They had to hold me down on the bench."

Wolves player development coach Darrick Martin was there to monitor Flynn's progress and help regulate his minutes.

"He did," Sioux Falls coach Tony Fritz said when asked if Flynn wanted to play more. "They said no. I know a lot of poeple were yelling at me to put him in. If I could have, I would have. We want to do right by Jonny and by the Timberwolves. It's one of those tough situations. You've got to save him from himself."

Here's a couple impressions from Fritz on Flynn:

"I thought he played great. He was trying to fit in. He was a little tentative, which is totally understandable. It's tough to come into a new team, (learn) four, five sets and that's it. He tried to get others involved and I thought he did a great job. We're limited in what we can run."

Well, that's it from San Antonio (and Sioux Falls, sort of) for tonight.

Wolves flew home after the game and landed safely despite the falling snow.

They won't shootaround Saturday morning, but instead will have an afternoon walk-through before they play the Cavs Saturday night at Target Center.

I won't be there and neither will Kent Youngblood (special circumstances for both of us), so Brian Stensaas from our staff will help out for the night.

I'll blog at you from New York, where the Wolves play the Knicks Monday night.

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