With up to 2 inches of rain expected over the next few days, Edina and St. Louis Park are warning residents who live along Minnehaha Creek that flooding could occur and they are offering sandbags for affected homes.

Both cities were responding to a warning of possible flooding from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. The creek flows from Lake Minnetonka, where watershed officials say water is already flowing over an emergency spillway. They said there is no more capacity in the lake or the creek for more rainfall.

Edina estimates that about a dozen homes could be at risk if the creek keeps rising. The city is making sandbags to protect homes — not yards or patios — that will be available by calling 911.

In St. Louis Park, the city will supply materials to make sandbags and deliver them in one to two hours after people call 911. The city urged residents to gather a team beforehand to make sandbags. After they are no longer needed, sandbags that have been moved to the curb will be picked up by the city.

Officials are warning people to stay away from the creek and to not canoe or kayak on the swollen waters, which are moving dangerously fast.

“The water is rising and moving quickly,” said Edina Fire Chief Tom Schmitz. “Only a few inches of moving water can sweep an adult off their feet.”

Mary Jane Smetanka