Address: 1300 Olson Parkway, Minneapolis

Harvest Prep: Roughly 380 K-6 students, co-ed.

SEED Academy: Stands for Success in Educational Evolutionary Development. Roughly 50 preschool children, ages 3-5.

BEST Academy: Stands for Boys in Engineering, Science and Technology. All boys, up to 8th grade with roughly 185 enrolled.

SISTER Academy: Stands for Sisters in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. All girls, roughly 100 enrolled.

BEST Academy East: Roughly 250 students who emigrated from East Africa, specifically Somalia.

Racial makeup: 99 percent black

Poverty index: Roughly 91 percent qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Test scores: Students outperformed the statewide averages in both reading and math.

Next up: Minneapolis Public Schools has approved a replication school, North Side site undetermined, opening this summer with 180 K-2 students, adding a grade each year. Another three schools could be added during the next 10 years.