Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -- pictured on your right with then-Gophers coach Tim Brewster during the infamous two-point conversion game in 2010 -- has apparently had enough of another ONE OF US.


Per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema on Monday confirmed the firing of offensive line coach Mike Markuson.

"(We) decided to move on," Bielema said. "It was really something that wasn't a knee-jerk thing by me."

Bart Miller, as reported, is being promoted to OL coach.

Bielema acknowledged he hopes Miller can be a bridge between what the linemen learned under former offensive line coach Bob Bostad and what offensive coordinator Matt Canda wants to do.

Bielema says no "personality" issues between Markuson and the players.

Why make the move now?

Bielema said he learned in his early seasons as a coach that if you see a move needs to be made, make that move immediately instead of waiting until after the season.

Markuson coached the previous 14 seasons in the SEC, but is a native of nearby Farmington. He played his college ball at Hamline in St. Paul. He appears to be taking a good share of the fall for the Badgers' uncharacteristic struggles in the running game, which contributed to a 10-7 loss to Oregon State on Saturday.

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