Six-year-old Madelin Beckwith of Big Lake waited in the wings for her big moment on the Leinenkugel Stage at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This would be her first time auditioning for the State Fair's talent competition in the pre-teen category. Behind her stood her teacher and accompanist, Deena Bistodeau. "She's been studying since May, so that's two-and-a-half months. She's had about 10 lessons," Bistodeau said. "She is just doing fantastic -- one of the best students I have." Madelin can't get enough of her new instrument. "I like playing all the songs and I love fiddling and I love playing lots of music." For the audition she played "Shortnin' Bread." Her teacher said the audition went very well. "Yup. It went great," Madelin agreed. She was right. She got word late last week that she will play in the State Fair semifinals on Sept. 3.