– The lone county left at risk of going uncovered on the federal health law's insurance exchanges has landed an insurer.

Ohio-based insurer CareSource will step up to provide health insurance coverage in Paulding County, Ohio, in 2018, the company and the state Department of Insurance announced Thursday.

The newest national analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation identified Paulding, south of Toledo, as the final U.S. county still at risk of lacking a provider when 2018 sign-ups begin Nov. 1. About 10 million people, including 11,000 Ohio residents, are served through HealthCare.gov and its state counterpart agencies, a system created by the Affordable Care Act.

Earlier this year, well over 40 mostly rural counties faced the prospect of having no options for their exchanges, but insurers have come forward to fill the gaps.

Insurers began pulling back from the exchanges after getting stung by heavy losses and struggling to attract enough young, healthy customers to balance the claims they get from people who use their coverage heavily. Many cited uncertainty over the future of President Barack Obama's health care law, which Congress is revisiting — so far without success.

Rural counties have been particularly uninviting for insurers because they have a smaller, older customer base.

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