The Timberwolves left no ambiguity about it — they thought Derrick Rose was fouled on the Wolves' final shot of the game.

With four seconds remaining and the Wolves trailing by two, Rose let go of a three-pointer near the top of the key that missed, leading to a 114-110 win for the Lakers on Wednesday at Staples Center.

The Wolves who spoke after the game all said they thought officials should have called a foul on new Laker Tyson Chandler.

"He definitely got fouled," Taj Gibson said. "I thought it was on target, but he got nudged. Tyson did hit his hand, but the refs are going to call what they're going to call."

Meanwhile, Rose expressed frustration with the non-call.

"For you to ask the question you had to see something. You feel me?" Rose said. "And that's no disrespect to you. They aren't going to give me that call. They haven't been giving me that call. I've just got to get used to it."