OK, pretend you didn't read the last blog ... from only a few hours ago. I gave both sides too much credit.

Stupid me. You'd think I'd know better after covering this league 18 years, after covering two NHL lockouts in eight years and after seeing the ridiculousness that's taken place from both sides this work stoppage.

After only 60 minutes today, talks broke off between the NHL and NHLPA with what the league says was "no progress."

The NHLPA's Don Fehr told reporters on scene in New York that the NHL won't budge on its contractual demands and that other core economic issues, like split of revenues (i.e. Make Whole), were not discussed today.

According to Twitter excerpts, Fehr said:

--Sportsnet's Michael Grange (@michaelgrange) "I don't see a path to an agreement here" and the NHL expects the players to accept the owners' proposal "to the comma."

--ESPN.com's Katie Strange (@katiestrangespn): According to Fehr, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said during meeting that "we're past the point of give-and-take."

According to Twitter excerpts, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said:

--RDS' Renaud Lavoie (@renlavoierds): On Fehr's asserion league won't budge: "PA give us 17 issues on players contract last week. We have a deal, or made progress on 14 of them." 

--@katiestrang: Given that both sides are digging in on these issues, Daly said "I don't know where to go"


--@michaelgrange: Tweeted that of those 14 of 17 issues, they were "things like minimum salaries; play off pool; waiver rules. Not make or break issues tho." To be clear, that's a Grange analysis, not a quote from Daly

So frankly, after yesterday's lunch between Daly and Steve Fehr, I have no clue why there was a meeting today. Certainly seems like every time a couple head honchos walk in the room, things go nuclear.

Speaking of nuclear, when Don Fehr gets to the point where he goes after the cap, ...

Wonder if it ever gets to the point where Fehr would allow players to vote -- you know, the players who have gotten roped into this lockout, can't afford to be losing salaries and will undoubtedly lose their careers when this thing ends.

After all, it's their livelihoods and they're going to have to accept the consequences. My guess? No.

Anywaaaaay, enjoy the rest of your day and potentially your winter without the NHL.

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