A federal election complaint alleges Sen. Al Franken's political action committee accepted contributions from a foreign national, which could be a violation of federal election law. But the donor in question -- actor and comedian Eddie Izzard --  has said that he has a green card and is allowed to donate money.

Eddie Izzard/source: EddieIzzard.com

Eddie Izzard/source: EddieIzzard.com

The complaint, filed by Senate Accountability Watch Thursday, alleges Franken's Midwest Values PAC and other Democratic organizations, including Obama for America and the Obama Victory Fund, received money from actor Izzard, who "is a foreign national" and therefor not allowed to contribute to U.S.-based campaign committees.

Jeff Larson, the chair of Senate Accountability Watch, said the group has only filed one other complaint -- that, too, involved Franken. Larson has long been an ally to Republican Norm Coleman, whom Franken defeated in 2008.

Although foreign nationals are prohibited from contributing to U.S. campaign committees, immigrants who have green cards are allowed to contribute, according to the FEC Web site, and Izzard has said he has that permanent residence status.

Izzard said in a 2007 newspaper piece that he has a green card and two months ago even tweeted "I'm a Green Card guy paying taxes. Can't vote. Can donate. Can talk sense" and "Yes - Green card and pay taxes" last month in answer to a Twitter question about whether he had "U.S. citizenship/residency, etc."

On federal elections commission disclosures, Izzard gave addresses in Los Angeles.

Ed Shelleby, Franken spokesman, of the complaint: "We're looking into it."

Here's the complaint:

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