EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brett Favre reportedly began crying and was "very emotional" as he addressed his teammates today at the Vikings hotel and apologized for his "sexting" situation becoming a distraction to the team.

I've seen parallels drawn between what Favre is going through and how he overcame the adversity he faced in December 2003 when he played one of the best games of his career on a Monday night in Oakland after his father passed away.

Favre threw for 399 yards with four touchdowns in a 41-7 victory as his teammates rallied behind him. The difference then was Favre had an incredible support system that included the Raiders fans in the "Black Hole." That group of normally nasty fans actually cheered Favre that night -- one day after his dad died of a heart attack.

Favre will have no such support in his return to New Jersey tonight to play the Jets. The crowd will be against Favre and one can imagine his wife isn't too happy with him these days. In other words, the support system might be made up of his teammates.

Is that enough to get Favre through? That's a good question and I wouldn't say the answer is yes.

According to Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell, who is good friends with Favre, the quarterback said, "I need you guys to carry me tonight."

Favre also told ESPN sideline reporter Michele Tafoya that Favre said, "I'm ready to go out there and give it my best, but I don't know what's going to happen."

That's a long way from telling your teammates to get on your back because everything is going to be OK.


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