's Peter King released some more quotes Monday from his Brett Favre interview a few days ago, and they probably won't make Vikings fans feel any better about the NFC title game following the 2009 season. While Favre said he still respects the Saints players and coaches and maintains he isn't mad about what happened specifically related to the bounties, he did say this:


"In that game there were some plays that, I don't want to say were odd, but I'd throw the ball and whack, on every play. Hand it off, whack. Over and over. Some were so blatant. I hand the ball to Percy Harvin early and got drilled right in the chin. They flagged that one at least."

Another quote that was classic Favre, talking: "Now the truth comes out. That's good. But that's football. The only thing that really [ticks] me off about the whole thing is we lost the game. That's the thing about that day that still bothers me. And that's the way it goes. If they wanted me to testify in court about this, they'd be calling the wrong guy."

A Saints fan pointed out to us recently that the Vikings did rack up close to 500 yards of offense in the game, and reminded us that by and large Minnesota was its own worst enemy with penalties and turnovers. Fair enough, and true enough.

But it's also undeniable that the cumulative cheap hits on Favre -- including the (uncalled) shot that mangled his ankle -- were at least somewhat influenced by the mentality created by the reported $10,000 bounty on him. And therefore the outcome of a game that determined which team went to the Super Bowl was also influenced.

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