Vikings quarterback Brett Favre took the five days the Vikings players got off last week to return home with his family to Mississippi and enjoy some time away from football. One thing Favre said he did not think about was the future and whether Sunday's divisional playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys might be his last.

"Honestly, I see us sitting here next week having this press conference again," Favre said Wednesday, referencing the fact he expects the Vikings to be playing for the NFC title. "If that doesn't happen, to me it will be a shock. I just haven't thought about what next year will be like or what will I be doing next week. Will I consider this? Will we sit down and talk about the future? I really haven't. And going home last week, it wasn't like I got home and started thinking about, 'OK, what am I going to do next?' I got away from football. Of course, you can't completely get away from it.

"I just was more focused on just getting away. Mentally just kind of no stress for a while. I hate to say that I'm recharged this week. I'm excited about this week as I have been about this season. I don't know what will happen from the end of this season on and the good thing is our success this year has been very helpful in not having to talk about that. We've been more focused on how the team is doing and things like that. So I hope that continues because once again that's the only reason I came back, and I know that this opportunity doesn't come around very often. Hopefully, we can make the most of it and see what happens."

Favre sidestepped an earlier question about his potential third retirement in as many offseasons by telling a reporter, "Good try. Why not try?"

He then continued: "All I want to do is beat Dallas and to even think about next year is doing myself an injustice and this team. I came here for one reason and that's to hopefully lead this team to the Super Bowl this year. Not next year. We have that opportunity so I'm not good enough to focus on this game, what may happen the next few weeks and then next year. So, [I'm going to] devote every ounce of energy to this game."

One interesting nugget from Brad Childress' news conference. He said that cornerback Antoine Winfield would be used at both the left corner and inside in the nickel on Sunday. "We will move him some back to the outside," Childress said.

Winfield struggled at his normal left corner spot in Weeks 15 and 16 against Carolina and Chicago as he continued to recover from a broken right foot. He was used exclusively inside in the regular-season finale against the Giants and played 15 to 20 snaps in the victory. The lesser role -- Benny Sapp played left corner -- appeared to benefit Winfield.

The week of rest certainly has helped Winfield but obviously he will not be completely healthy until he gets an offseason to rest. Childress said Winfield's foot at this point is "not as good as it will be in June" but much improved on how it had been. "He seems to be pretty comfortable," Childress said. "I'll be interested to watch him move today [in practice]."

Asked about what might cause Winfield to be moved around, Childress pleaded the Fifth.

By the way, no Vikings are missing from today's practice.


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