This all sounds very familiar.

A year ago, Brett Favre's concern about the surgically repaired biceps tendon in his throwing arm caused him to drag out his decision whether he would play for as long as possible. This year, Favre's surgically repaired left ankle is going to be the reason Vikings fans will have to wait until the last possible minute to know if the quarterback is going to return.

Favre admitted as much during a post ESPYs interview that aired on the ESPN3 website on Wednesday. Favre said he has not made a decision, admitted his ankle is still giving him some problems and added that he "would love to play" a 20th NFL season.

"I still have a little bit of time and still believe it or not [I’m] not completely healthy," said Favre, who won the ESPY for "Best Play" for the last-second touchdown pass he threw to Greg Lewis to lift the Vikings over San Francisco in Week 3. "I guess at 40 I may never be. I’m not getting any younger but I am working hard trying to feel as best I can. Last year I felt great. My arm was totally different than it was the year before and that made my decision a little bit easier. But we’ll see.”

Asked about the thought process he is going through, Favre said: “It starts with the ankle. This coming Friday will be eight weeks [since the surgery] and I had hoped it would be a little bit better. I can walk fine but you don’t walk in football. Then it kind of works from there up. If you wake up in the morning and your feet hurt it kind of makes the rest of your body hurt and if you’ve been sacked 700 times that usually adds to it. It’s a great football team -- I know that now, I knew it last year -- who would love to have me come play. I would love to play and be the best I could possibly be and that’s really what I’m working towards right now.”

As everyone knows, Favre does have some time because no one expects him to show up in Mankato for that portion of training camp. The Vikings will hold their first practice of training camp on July 30 and be in Mankato through Aug. 12. If Favre returns, and everyone expects he will, he probably won't play in a game until the second or third preseason contest.
The Vikings will play at San Francisco on Aug. 22 in their second preseason game and then play host to Seattle on Aug. 28 in their third exhibition. 

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