More alleged "sexting" scandal questions may await Brett Favre when the Vikings go to NYC to play the Jets on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

After practice Thursday with his newest teammate, Randy Moss, Favre took questions from the media. As the Vikings'  Helen Thomas, better known as media relations guy Bob Hagan, announced that Favre was about to take his final two questions, a query was made that had nothing to do with Favre's excitement over finally having Moss on his team.

"Brett, there's a Internet report today that accuses you of sending some inappropriate text messages to a female employee of the Jets during your year there. Would you care to respond to those allegations?" came the unsettling question from a guy wearing green.

"I'm not getting into that. I've got my hands full with the Jets," said Favre, cool as you please.

That wasn't exactly I never did such a thing!

After the media session, the man in green got lost in the crowd. I caught up with him as he was getting in a car with two other people. He told me his name was Brian Costello. Said that he worked for the New York Post and that he needed to hurry over to Target Field for the second Yankees-Twins ALDS game.

Costello's name matched a photo on the Post's website, which promptly posted a story Thursday that began: "Gray-haired gridiron granddaddy Brett Favre did not deny today that he left voice-mail messages propositioning a sexy TV sports personality shortly after he joined the Jets in 2008."

An "Additional reporting by Brian Costello" is at the bottom of the story.

Costello's question was prompted by an article on and its continued coverage of whether or not that's Favre's voice on messages allegedly received by former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger., now a member of Versus' TV's "The Daily Line."

I listened to the voice mails posted on the Deadspin. The guy sounds like Favre or a guy doing an impression of Favre's speaking style.

And this time, which first broke the story in August, included the sexting pictures, allegedly received by Sterger. Through her manager, Sterger told the Post she had no comment and denied giving the website the content for this latest explosive story.

Having never seen the appendage in the photos, I don't know whether this is part of Favre's body or not. But some of his teammates (of course, pro athletes would never look at each other's naked bodies) may know.

For damn sure, Mrs. Favre would know.

The way that Sterger tells the story, she's no Tiger Woods bimbo. When pressed about contacting the person pretending to be Favre -- although he never says his own name -- Sterger joked that if she were to get involved with someone like this person she might wind up in a "garbage can."

Sterger, who resembles Mrs. Favre, is an interesting personality despite having posed for Maxim magazine. In an interview  on she's a cheeky quote above most, although the incessant eye rolling and excessive lip gestures are just too precious and sometimes make it difficult to understand what she's saying. She ends a segment on her parents with, "And my grandmother is just happy I'm not doing porn."

Sterger's most winning observation: "The one thing that drives me nuts about how athletes deal with the media: I have to read your tweets all day long. Learn some English. Hell, use Rosetta Stone, learn a different language. Just make it so I can understand what you are trying to say."

If Favre was the person communicating with Sterger, and I'm not saying that's his voice, I imagine being asked that question in a room filled with reporters and cameras would have probably cooled him off.

After Monday's game there will probably be an post-game Q&A session with the media, including Post reporters. While the Vikings will want to talk about what a tremendous asset Randy Moss was in that victory over the Jets, there might be some other questions for Favre.

After all, the New York reporters play hardball, to say nothing of the NFL, which is now investigating.

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