There won't be any criminal charges filed against the man who fatally stabbed Justin Jackson, authorities said Monday.

Jackson, 22, was killed just after 7 p.m. Friday in the 3700 block of Chicago Av. S. in Minneapolis. A suspect was arrested near the scene of the stabbing and taken to Hennepin County Medical Center to be treated for head injuries. That suspect was released Monday.

Police and prosecutors said that witnesses and video from a bus stop where the incident started indicated that the suspect acted in self-defense. The video "clearly shows [the suspect] sitting at the bus stop when he was suddenly attacked by several men, including Jackson," a joint news release said.

The release said the suspect was struck several times and his attackers appeared to be going through his pockets before the suspect managed to get away. He "ran across the street, but Jackson and others chased him, rather than letting him get away," it said. The suspect "then used a knife to protect himself."

Police said Jackson was a confirmed member of the Bloods gang. People who gathered at the scene of the stabbing over the weekend said the incident was a conflict between the Bloods and the Crips gangs.

Police said the investigation is continuing to identify the other men in the incident. Other charges are possible, the news release said.