'Fashion & Interiors'

Part of the beauty of "Mad Men" is the attention to detail in its midcentury sets -- and how they tie into the characters' personalities and wardrobes. Perhaps in a nod to the show's popularity among interior design enthusiasts, home design showroom LiLu Interiors is hosting a fashion show that demonstrates how fashion and interior design styles relate. They'll present five different interior vignettes -- from boho chic to mod -- designed to reflect the fashions worn by five live models. Whatever your style, you're sure to leave inspired.

Freedom From Doubt

When he decided to launch his own line in 2009, designer Jared Zachary opted for a very specific yet timeless accoutrement: the necktie. His focus seems to have paid off, as he consistently has been launching seasonal lines that seem only to get better and bolder. Not for those lacking in confidence, his just-launched spring collection of neckties, bow ties and pocket squares all boast a handcrafted, classic sensibility equally suited to Oscar Wilde and Jay Gatsby.