The Star Tribune's Michael Rand welcomes guest picker Derrick Williams -- forward for the Timberwolves after being the No. 2 overall selection in the 2011 NBA draft -- for this week's fantasy picks. Williams was allowed to choose any quarterback, wide receiver and running back except for those taken by last week's guest. With the Wolves' season set to start Friday, Williams could really use the hot hand. Rand is not allowed to pick anyone in the top 10 at their respective positions in terms of fantasy default scoring.


QB: Cam Newton, Panthers QB scoring rank: No. 12. Matchup: Redskins

Newton can throw the ball and run the ball. You can get more fantasy points when you have a quarterback who can run and pass for touchdowns.

WR: Calvin Johnson, Lions WR scoring rank: No. 19

Matchup: Jaguars

Megatron is due. He's struggled lately, but I think he's due for a big game.

RB: Arian Foster, Texans RB scoring rank: No. 1

Matchup: Bills

Foster is a great running back -- one of the top two or three backs in the league -- so that's why I picked him.


QB: Joe Flacco, Ravens QB scoring rank: No. 19. Matchup: Browns

There was a time when Flacco was nothing more than a game manager. Those days are over, and he will have a huge game against a suspect Browns defense. WR: Eric Decker, Broncos WR scoring rank: No. 14; Matchup: Bengals

Peyton Manning is absolutely on fire right now, and since we can't have Demaryius Thomas (top 10 receiver), we will take the ex-Gopher Decker and reap the benefits.

RB: LeSean McCoy, Eagles RB scoring rank: No. 13; Matchup: Saints

I'm picking on the Saints' D again, and why not after Willis McGahee rolled over them last week? McCoy could be in line for a monster game if Andy Reid wants to save his job and run the ball.

SCOREBOARD Week 8 fantasy recap (using default scoring method)

Winner: Marc Perlman -- Peyton Manning (24.6), Brandon Marshall (9.8), LeSean McCoy (18.7). Total: 53.1

Loser: Michael Rand -- Andrew Luck (16.7), Randall Cobb (8.8), Willis McGahee (19.5). Total: 45.0

Overall standings: Guest pickers 4-4.