The Star Tribune's Michael Rand welcomes guest picker Omar Ansari -- founder and president of Surly Brewing Company -- for this week's fantasy picks. We'll see if he is as adept at picking fantasy football players as he is at marketing and producing local craft beer. Ansari was allowed to choose any quarterback, wide receiver and running back except for those taken by last week's guest. Rand was not allowed to pick anyone in the top 10 at his position in terms of fantasy default scoring.


QB: Drew Brees, Saints QB scoring rank: No. 2. Matchup: Raiders

It looks like Brees is hitting his stride and the Raiders pass defense is weak, so I expect him to have a big week. Besides, everyone wants to torch the Raiders, right?

WR: Calvin Johnson, Lions WR scoring rank: No. 6

Matchup: Packers

Even though he has not had his usual gaudy numbers this season, I'm hoping he blows up this weekend. Actually, with this pick, I am really just hoping for a Packers loss.

RB: Doug Martin, Buccaneers RB scoring rank: No. 3

Matchup: Panthers

He's had a few good weeks. Watching him light up the Vikes defense in person was a season lowlight. I expect him to gash the 2-7 Panthers defense.


QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills QB scoring rank: No. 16. Matchup: Dolphins

It's a thin week at QB, with a lot of the guys just outside the top 10 on bye weeks. That said, I'll take Fitzpatrick. He played well against New England (you know, until that killer interception). WR: James Jones, Packers WR scoring rank: No. 15.

Matchup: Lions

Lions/Packers could be a shootout, and I need to negate those Megatron points of yours somehow. But please note, Omar, that I fully support your logic of rooting for a Packers loss.

RB: Alfred Morris, Redskins RB scoring rank: No. 13. Matchup: Eagles

A demoralized team like the Eagles tends to give up at a certain point. And when that happens, big gains by the running back take place. I have Morris down for a very big day.

SCOREBOARD Week 10 fantasy recap (using default scoring method)

Winner: Mike Rylander -- Tom Brady (17.4), A.J. Green (14.5), Ray Rice (12.8). Total: 44.7

Loser: Michael Rand -- Andy Dalton (23.8), Julio Jones (7.5), Reggie Bush (0.9). Total: 32.2

Overall standings: Guest pickers 6-4.