Apparently a fake order confirmation email from "Wallmart," (notice the two L's) is making the rounds. Throughout the email, Walmart is also spelled properly.

Whistleblower, the individual, received a confirmation for an $898 3D HD TV with free shipping and $62.86 in tax. The order was to be sent to Alexis Young at 1822 Cotton Avenue, San Paolo, AL.

Whistleblower, the entity, received a confirmation for the same product, this time to be shipped to Chase Lopez at 1868 Cotton St., Pasadena, CA.

The email contains a number of links. You should resist the urge to click on any of them, which could expose your computer to malicious software or result in an attempt to convince you to provide personal, financial or account information.

Whistleblower, the individual, is checking with Walmart to see whether it wants consumers to forward the email to it.

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