With colorful parades and picnics and fireworks displays, Independence Day is an especially photogenic holiday. But many of the Fourth of July photos in the Star Tribune archives illustrate how not to spend the holiday. Don’t drive recklessly (or you’ll end up in the morgue). Don’t shoot off illegal fireworks (or you’ll end up in the hospital). Don’t tease dogs with illegal fireworks (wait … what?).
This year I’ll offer two images that feature smiling happy people. Perhaps you can identify some of them.

Thirty-plus feet of rain gutter? Check. A few rolls of aluminum foil to line it? Check. Scores of peeled bananas? Check. Gallons and gallons of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup — and a few cans of maraschino cherries to top it all off? Check, check, check! On July 4, 1969, Mrs. Donald Schrader of south Minneapolis had all the makings of the holiday weekend’s largest banana split. Her neighbors in the 4100 block of Ewing Avenue S. lined up for the colossal dessert. (Minneapolis Tribune photo by Powell Krueger)


The lovely Lorraine Olson your great-grandmother, perhaps? appeared on the front page of the Minneapolis Star on July 4, 1936, as part of a three-photo package titled "As Minneapolis Celebrates the Fourth of July." The caption listed no age or location.

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