Many holiday celebrations involve music. So imagine sitting around a keyboard listening to modern holiday-inspired music sung by a melodic, radio-ready voice. If you replace your house with the Varsity Theater, then you have songstress Keri Noble's holiday show.

The Twin Cities-based singer, songwriter and KFAN personality recently held the eighth incarnation of the event.

It all started when Noble was traveling around the world with a record label and felt the joy of returning to her adopted home, the Twin Cities.

"Once you go home for the holidays, I could play whatever I wanted," she said.

The annual affair has become a tradition: "I have a lot of people who come every year. It's a reason to get together."

That was even truer this year, thanks to the release of her new CD, "More Than Santa." Noble funded it with help from her supporters through the website Kickstarter. There were many friendly faces at the holiday show.

"I'm on Track 9," said Jennifer Galvin, who not only lent her voice to the project but also is a fan. "I like that it's contemporary and holiday music mixed together. You can listen to it anytime -- it doesn't have to be just the holidays."

As for Noble, she will spend the holidays with her family in Detroit. Her dad was a pastor and her mom was a choir director, so their holidays have always been filled with recitals and concerts.

No need to wonder what they'll be listening to this year.

Sara Glassman • 612-673-7177