Twin Cities drivers are among the most courteous in the nation.

So says the Expedia 2016 Road Rage Report, an annual analysis of driving etiquette. That means drivers in Minneapolis and St. Paul incite less road rage among other drivers than almost anywhere else in the country.

Perhaps the survey respondents have never experienced the Minnesota zipper merge gone wrong.

To understand the driving behaviors of Americans, Expedia asked 1,000 drivers to share which behaviors infuriated them most when behind the wheel. Honkers, texters and left lane hogs are rated among the worst.

The Twin Cities ranked No. 2 when it comes to thoughtfulness among motorists in the 25 largest U.S. cities.

Ranking ahead of Minneapolis and St. Paul was the fellow bike-happy city of Portland. Drivers exhibiting the worst road rage are in New York, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

Just because Twin Cities drivers are courteous, doesn't mean they are good drivers.

At least not according to Twitter. The social media platform is a clearinghouse of complaints about Minnesota drivers. Here are a few recent ones:

• "I'm convinced Worthington Minnesota has the worst drivers." (@baileyMandersen, May 8

• "Love Minnesota. Hate their weather and drivers." (@MiriamJaquez17, Feb 25)

• "Thank you so much drivers of Minnesota for completely forgetting how to drive when it rains." (@Polk001, April 28)

• "Minnesota drivers are funny. If it rains they can't drive. If it snows they can't drive. And if it's sunny, they still can't drive." (@tamzencohen, Feb. 11)

• "Minnesota drivers have to be the slowest turners." (@DemarcoJ82, April 14)

• "I thought Minnesota drivers were awful. Then I spent a weekend going thru Wisco on 1-94. Absolutely brutal." (@WesLeksell, Jan. 31)