U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, the telegenic congresswoman, will make her first foray into Iowa as a potential presidential candidate with an unabashed message, according to prepared remarks.

She is planning to give a speech Friday in the early presidential voting state that will speak of saving America and its "great experiment in human liberty" at an Iowans for Tax Relief event in Des Moines.

If she sticks with her planned remarks she will say:

"That is why I have come to speak to you tonight - because the promise of America is under threat as never before.   For twenty-one generations, the torch of liberty has been successfully passed from one generation to the next.  And the question we need to ask ourselves tonight is:  Will it end with us?  Will we be the first generation to fail when it is our turn to pass the torch of liberty?  Will we allow this great experiment in human liberty called America to end on our watch?"

"It is not too late to change course and save this great nation.  I believe we can save America.  I believe we can preserve this exceptional nation - this land of promise - for our children and grandchildren.  Because I believe that what makes America an exceptional nation is our exceptional people - people like those gathered in this room tonight"

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