Fred Smoot at a Vikings playground building event

Fred Smoot at a Vikings playground building event

"The Fred Smoot Love Boat Part 2" is a real thing. We repeat: a real thing. Per the D.C. Sports Bog, which referenced the infamous first Love Boat in 2005 when Smoot was with the Vikings:


Obviously it was not, in fact, a charity event. But one thing led to another, and now some folks and Smoot are actually trying to make a Love Boat-inspired charity cruise happen, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

“The Fred Smoot Love Boat Part 2,” it’s called, and while organizers are promising “a wholesome good time,” they’re also pointing out that if it happens, you’d get “three hours on a ... boat with Fred Smoot and other former/current NFL players.

Smoot also told a D.C. radio station that he was blamed for the whole thing because he stepped up and offered his credit card for a boat party when the original plan of having it at a private club fell through. Also: the party was allegedly tame in comparison to other events he has attended:

Just friends chilling amongst friends, enjoying themselves, that’s all it was, man,” Smoot said. “Like I tell people, it was overblown and overrated. I’ve been to more [fun] places in Miami, California. I’ve been to places that really have fun. South America….You know, cities like New York, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, this type of stuff happens every day.”

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