“Playboy Club isn’t “Mad Men.” That’s meant as some peculiar sort of reassurance? EW describes it: 

The drama is set in 1960s Chicago and follows a lawyer who frequents Hugh Hefner’s famous club and becomes entangled with a Playboy bunny. NBC’s Salt Lake City affiliate — which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — dropped plans to air the show, but local MyNetworkTV affiliate picked it up.  “I wasn’t completely surprised,” Greenblatt said of the Utah station’s decision. That [Playboy] brand name is a little polarizing even though the show isn’t all that revealing. That station in Utah, they don’t program Saturday Night Live. They have decisions to make for their own audience. I think every other affiliate is on board.”


The Playboy Club has been under fire by parenting group PTC since it was first announced earlier this year. The organization sent letters to NBC affiliates warning they’ll possibly file Federal Communications Commission indecency complaints against them if they proceed with airing the show. They also stated that 200,000 Americans are “porn addicts.”

Only 200K? Anyway: 

Critics wondered why NBC would opt for a show so much like Mad Men when the AMC critical darling draws a relatively small audience. “I have great respect for Mad Men, but apart from the setting and period being similar, I think Playboy Club is much more of an energized soap opera, which is a genre that works well,” Greenblatt said. “I don’t think it will feel like Mad Men.”

Go ahead, feel like it. We don’t care. Everyone wants to revisit the early 60s now and enjoy their conception of American culture before Hip slumped into Groovy. That’s why ABC is giving us this:



May not have the same heft as "Mad Men,"  but the period detail is reason enough to give it a try.

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