The Fridley-based company makes cardiovascular, cardiac rhythm, neurological, spinal, diabetes and surgical medical device technologies and therapies.


Medical device makers face challenge of falling prices

At a time when U.S. health care costs have been rising faster than inflation, the prices for many medical devices have been dropping.
January 25

Minnesota appeals court revives legal challenge to Medtronic deal

An appeals panel said a lower court was wrong to throw out 11 claims tied to the deal that moved the company to Ireland.
January 21

Tax settlement could cost Medtronic $220 million

Settlement would resolve leftover Covidien dispute.
January 11

With $9 billion in freed-up funds, Medtronic plans to spend $5 billion on share buybacks

The company cited the Covidien merger for freeing up $9.3B that it can deliver to shareholders.
December 15, 2015

Inspire Medical Systems making progress with its sleep-apnea treatment

Inspire Medical Systems product is being offered by more doctors and hospitals.
December 14, 2015

FDA approves new uses for Medtronic's Infuse Bone Graft

Infuse, used in 1 million people since 2002, is company's largest product liability headache.
December 3, 2015

Medtronic says it will decide soon how to spend $9.3 billion

The medical device giant must decide what to do with money freed by move, restructuring.
November 30, 2015

Medtronic recalls InSync III pacemakers due to power-failure problem

Medtronic says battery problem affects 3 models of discontinued InSync III.
November 18, 2015

Medtronic pays $110 million for Scotland-based Aircraft Medical

Aircraft Medical makes a laryngoscope that helps guide tubes in patients.
November 17, 2015

FDA approves Medtronic's MyCareLink Smart Monitor that links to cellphone

The handheld device syncs with smartphones for remote data-sharing.
November 9, 2015

Study: Smaller Medtronic pacemaker comes with fewer complications

About half as many were seen as expected with traditional devices.
September 29, 2015

Medtronic to book $500 million restructuring charge

Company said charge is part of a restructuring related to Covidien buy.
September 28, 2015

Medtronic buys Lazarus Effect, maker of clot removal device

$100 million acquires the ReCover, designed to catch particles during brain procedures.
September 21, 2015

Spectranetics to open new Maple Grove plant for Stellarex division

When the Stellarex vascular technology operation was bought by a Colorado company, it didn't expect a new Twin Cities facility.
September 3, 2015

Medtronic says it has added 300-plus jobs in Minnesota

The medical device company has pledged to add 1,000 jobs in Minnesota within five years.
September 2, 2015

Medtronic's Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator recalled for second time in a year

A software glitch led to the recall of 650 ventilators, the device's second in 12 months.
September 2, 2015

Medtronic acquires Medina Medical for $150 million

Medina Medical's treatment for weakened blood vessels in the brain has yet to be approved in the U.S.
August 31, 2015

Medtronic says second study confirms gene linked to sudden cardiac death

Medtronic says findings could identify defibrillator candidates.
August 26, 2015

Medtronic to pay up to $458 million for little known device firm Twelve Inc.

The purchase of Twelve Inc. could help speed Medtronic's mitral valve to market.
August 7, 2015

Medtronic recalls devices designed to implant heart valves

The systems haven't been used commercially in the U.S., and the recall doesn't include valves.
July 11, 2015

Medtronic paid millions to docs to back Infuse

Controversial back-pain treatment has sparked hundreds of patient injury lawsuits.
July 10, 2015

Devicemakers from Minnesota paid hospitals, docs $211M in 2014

National data show state firms' payments to doctors and hospitals.
June 29, 2015

Clot-removal devices recommended for some stroke patients

Medtronic makes one of two devices approved for use in the U.S. for removing blood clots.
June 27, 2015

Devicemakers play catch-up with real-time glucose monitoring

Families wanted glucose data in real time. So they made it happen.
June 24, 2015

Medtronic recalls tracheostomy tubes for kids after injury reports

The tracheostomy tubes caused breathing troubles for some.