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General Mills deal
September 8, 2014

General Mills buys Annie's for $820M

Annie's Inc. is known for its natural macaroni and cheese and bunny-shaped crackers. The deal is the largest to date in a series of natural and organic acquisitions for General Mills.
September 6, 2014

Schafer: General Mills aims to think like a smaller company

The company's idea of innovation is changing, and increasingly focuses on reinventing the process itself to create more new products in less time.
Greek yogurt
August 22, 2014

General Mills scores a win in Greek yogurt ad fight against rival Chobani

An ad industry self-regulatory body says Chobani ads mislead by suggesting yogurts like General Mills' Yoplait are made from synthetic ingredients.
August 11, 2014

CEO Paywatch: Kendall Powell, General Mills Corp.

CEO Pay Watch General Mills Inc. Kendall Powell, Chairman and CEO   Total compensation: $10,465,412 for the year ending May 31, 2014 Salary: $1,165,717…
August 8, 2014

General Mills commissions artist to paint billboard on Hennepin Av.

General Mills commissioned an artist to paint a billboard the old-fashioned way.
DC Comics and cereal
August 7, 2014

General Mills' monster cereals pair with DC Comics

General Mills turned to the superhero comics illustrators for this year's box art.
July 13, 2014

General Mills' new granolas offer gluten-free, high-protein options

General Mills is targeting healthy-lifestyle consumers with alternate sources of protein and non-GMO organic products.
July 8, 2014

General Mills' lineup: More protein and less gluten

Hoping to tap demand, it introduces 150 new products.
State + Local
July 5, 2014

June 12: Minn. food companies back group fighting federal nutrition standards

And the leaders of the legislation, which pushes for school districts to waive new lunch rules, have found financial support from six Minnesota food companies.
General Mills miss
June 26, 2014

General Mills misses on 4Q results, plans cost cuts

Sales and profits both fell below expectations, capping a lackluster fiscal year. Executives said they are looking at cost cuts.
June 8, 2014

Deal speculation intensifies in food business

Analysts think General Mills and Hormel are more likely to be buyers than sellers.
May 9, 2014

Yoplait's Greek yogurt challenge isn't getting any easier

While Yoplait has made some gains in Greek yogurt, progress is stalling, an analyst's report says.
April 24, 2014

Schafer: General Mills botched rollout of a routine policy

“YOUR CEO AND LAWYERS ARE SCUM” begins one online response to new legal terms that General Mills recently introduced for its websites. Well, at least…
March 19, 2014

General Mills 3Q profit fell, led by drop in U.S. sales

The company's adjusted quarterly profit fell 6 percent as sales volume was stagnant, particularly in its U.S. operations.
Underground soil contamination
March 17, 2014

2014: History of pollution haunts Como neighborhood in Minneapolis

The lessons learned from 30 years of lax oversight of chemicals left in a Minneapolis neighborhood could have implications across Minnesota, where dozens of other communities may harbor similar underground soil contamination.
March 15, 2014

General Mills signals pressure on profits

Weak sales volume continued to dog the company, while yogurt marketing costs rose.
'Natural' labels
March 2, 2014

Minnesota food makers' 'natural' claims draw scrutiny

Minnesota's giant food producers have gotten tangled in legal disputes as the aura that foodmakers hope to convey with the word "natural" is under attack.
February 27, 2014

Schafer: Innovator finds her niche amid big cereal companies

Hannah Barnstable is determined to achieve what shouldn’t even be possible — bootstrap a new breakfast cereal company. She has jumped into a nearly $10…
February 19, 2014

General Mills is seeing both sides of global sales coin

Executives tell analysts the business is growing overseas but still soft at home.
General Mills
January 31, 2014

General Mills is adding 50 products to its lineup

Breakfast biscuits added to Nature Valley. Cheerios gets a version with dark chocolate and Fiber One adds a meal bar.
January 20, 2014
New Yoplait Greek yogurt. General Mills tries to battle back from a b...

General Mills makes big push in Greek yogurt

A new marketing campaign features a taste test against Yoplait rival Chobani.
January 5, 2014

General Mills launches snack delivery service

Nibblr, the company's new snack delivery subscription service, is the brainchild of its nascent innovation department.
December 20, 2013

Inside Business: New holiday products from Betty Crocker

Vineeta Sawkar talks with marketing communications director, Brian Peters from General Mills about some of their new products they will be marketing this holiday season.
December 19, 2013

General Mills earnings slip with packaged food market

General Mills' showing follows anemic quarterly results last month from Kellogg and Campbell Soup, along with several months of lackluster sales for much of the packaged foods industry.
November 26, 2013

Inside Business: Importance of the Pillsbury Bake-Off

General Mills Integrated Marketing Communications Director Brian Peters talks about the importance of the Pillsbury Bake-Off in their marketing efforts.