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Continued: Game veteran Ron Gilbert explores 'Cave'

  • Article by: JOHN GAUDIOSI ,
  • Last update: January 30, 2013 - 3:20 PM


Q: What do you hope gamers take away after playing this game?

A: Hopefully they will have had a good time. But beyond that, to look at each of the seven characters and their desires and maybe wonder about their own desires and what path those have sent them on. After all, we all go into “The Cave” at some point in our lives. You might not like what you find.


Q: What are the challenges of packing all of your ideas into a DLC game?

A: I don’t see it as a challenge as much as I see it as a relief. It’s nice to be able to design something that can be compact and intense without having a bunch of filler content or puzzles just to draw the length out.


Q: Do you think about sequels or progressing the story as you’re coming up with ideas that don’t fit?

A: I try not to think of sequels when I’m building something. If it’s a good idea, then I try and figure out a way to make it work with the original game.

Q: How have you seen the advent of digital distribution open things up for smaller game development teams and more original ideas?

A: It’s been great. There are so many people out there with great ideas, and digital distribution has given them a way to get their art in the hands of a lot of people. We haven’t seen that on this scale before, and it’s wonderful.


Q: What similarities do you see today with digital distribution and your early days of PC game development at LucasArts?

A: Back then it was a lot easier to try new and weird ideas. Games were cheaper to make, and there was a lot less risk involved. Due to digital distribution, we’re seeing that come back.

Q: What impact have you seen Kickstarter open up for developers to become publishers of ideas and genres that typically would be ignored?

A: Kickstarter has been great. It’s a way to go directly to the fans of a person, studio or genera and get funding without the middleman. I don’t think Kickstarter is going to replace publishers or other means of raising money, but what it has done is provide another place to get games made and that is always a good thing.


Q: What role do you see the more powerful tablets and smartphones playing in the gaming ecosystem today and moving forward?

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