Here's the 411 on U2's 360° Tour – the biggest, most expensive concert trek ever – coming to the U of M

Bono always thinks big. He had a vision for rock's biggest concert tour. "Let's play an entire stadium, not just part of a stadium," he told his longtime designers, who also did the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies. So it's U2 in the round (dubbed the 360° Tour) that will be the first concert at the University of Minnesota's two-year-old TCF Bank Stadium. For U2, it's the home stretch (only three shows left), but for the Twin Cities, it's the first big-time outdoor stadium show in 33 years. With the so-called Claw stage (for sale after the tour ends), Bono has more places to climb than Spider-Man. But, given last year's tour-delaying back injury (this gig's original date: June 27, 2010), the lofty-thinking Irishman will perform with both feet on the ground, thank you. Most fans, however, will have their eyes fixed on the huge cylindrical live-video screen making Bono, as always, larger than life.

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  • Bono's back

    Published July 17, 2011

    It's been mostly bad luck for U2 since its frontman injured his back in 2010 and had to postpone the tour that brings the Irish rockers to Minneapolis.

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more about the stage

A video screen, in the round

The wrap-around screen is made up of 888 LED panels connected to an undercarriage of "scissor beams".

The claw

The largest ever built for a stadium tour, U2's architecturally striking stage - inspired by the four-legged Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport - houses lights, speakers and video displays while making the audience part of the show.

Building the stage

Deconstructing 'The claw' at TCF Stadium.

concert info

sizing it up

U2's stage apparatus is nearly as tall as the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, home of another outdoor musical event this month.