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Continued: Movies reviewed in brief: "Fed Up,” "Stage Fright,” "Mom's Night Out”

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Rated: R for bloody horror violence, language and some sexual references.

Theater: Uptown, Fri. and Sat. at midnight.


A mad pastiche of slasher flick and musical comedy. “The Haunting of the Opera,” this year's summer production at Center Stage Camp for Performing Arts, has its troubles. There’s the pretentious student director, competitive campers vying for key roles, and unbeknownst to all, a masked murderer plotting to slit their throats. Camilla (fetching ingenue Allie MacDonald) wants to sing the title role, though her mother (Minnie Driver) met a tragic end when she performed it on Broadway a decade earlier. Meat Loaf is solid as the down-on-his-luck theater producer running the camp. Everyone, killer included, sings old-fashioned character songs; the humor is a series of “Scream”-style jabs at horror clichés and wheezy “Glee” gags about theater types. It's too silly to be scary and too gory to be a romp.



⋆⋆ out of four stars

Rated: PG for mild thematic elements and some action.


“Moms’ Night Out” doesn’t join the ranks of the very few faith-based comedies that work — “Oh God,” “Angel in My Pocket.” A PG-rated romp that never romps, it lacks the jokes, sight gags, pacing and performances that are the stuff laughs are made of.

Sarah Drew plays Ally, a stressed-out mother of three preschoolers and a “Mommy blogger” who brags online about being “a clean freak” who can “actually feel the house getting dirty.”

She’s unhappy, so her husband (Sean Astin) urges her to take a night for herself. She talks her mother-of-two pal Izzy (Logan White) and, oddly, that icon of motherly virtue, her pastor’s wife (Patricia Heaton), into a girls’ night out “to remember.”

As the night runs from losing their reservation at a pretentious restaurant to losing their phones to losing their minivan to losing a baby and their husbands losing their minds, overwhelmed by simple child care, “Mom’s Night Out” sets itself up for laughs that it rarely delivers.


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