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Travolta's car was stolen

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: September 19, 2011 - 1:38 PM

TMZ says:

John Travolta's vintage sports car got stolen right out from under his nose yesterday in Santa Monica ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell us Travolta had parked his 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL on the street -- just a couple blocks from a Jaguar dealer.

We're told John was only in the dealership for about 10 minutes -- and when he returned ... his whip had vanished.


Maybe he’s down to 47 cars after this. Perhaps this is how the ultrarich spend their idle hours: well, yesterday I drove the Jag to the Benz dealer; today I’ll drive the Benz to a Jaguar dealer. I need a new ride to the airplane dealer.


The car is worth $100K, sources say. Looks rather dorky, judging from this picture. Would you spend $100K on that, knowing few people would say “Oh, a classic Benz,” but would more likely think it’s an AMC vehicle from the waning years of the Nixon era?

What fictional product do you want to see in real life?

Posted by: Vince Tuss Updated: September 8, 2011 - 8:30 PM



Was it just an accident? That reports about Nike's self-lacing shoes a la "Back to the Future II" came on the heels of the news of Ben and Jerry's naming its new flavor Schweddy Balls, after the "Saturday Night Live" skit? Both led to some thoughts about what other products prominently featured in fiction might be ready for prime time? The communicator of "Star Trek" and the shoe phone of "Get Smart," shown above, are here, thanks to cellphones and smartphones. The flying car is always a popular choice. What about fictional name brands? Is the world ready for Duff Beer? What do you want to see? And keep it clean, so hold off on the "Open-Fly Jeans"?

Do not give Madonna hydrangeas

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: September 6, 2011 - 1:50 PM

 Someone did not get the memo. Someone walked up to Madonna at the Venice Film Festival and gave her THE WRONG FLOWER. Look, people, it's difficult enough for her to walk among mortals; do we have to add insult to injury?


Sarah Jessica Parker is ready for a hurricane

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: August 25, 2011 - 2:57 PM

 As a massive storm bears down on Gotham, you might be wondering how the stars are coping. People steps in to set your mind at ease:

NEW YORK – Sarah Jessica Parker says she's "battening down the hatches" in preparation for Hurricane Irene. The storm is expected to hit New York City Saturday.

While promoting her new comedy, "I Don't Know How She Does It," in New York on Thursday, the 46-year-old Manhattan mom said she's in full storm-preparedness mode.

The actress says she's removing anything that could fly through windows. She's also making sure she and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick; their 2-year-old twins, Loretta and Tabitha; and 8-year-old son, James Wilkie, are stocked up on water, flashlights and batteries.

Well, that's good to know. Because we were all sitting around today wondering if she's taken the necessary steps, including removing things that could fly through windows. Most damage in a hurricane is caused by heavy objects in your house suddenly levitating and smashing through the glass.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett separated?

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: August 23, 2011 - 12:43 PM

TMZ says they split.

TMZ placed a call to Jada's rep, Karynne Tencer, who told us ... "What? In Touch said that? I know nothing about this ... Lord. I'm going back to bed."

That could be his way of suggesting that if In Touch said water was wet, one should jump in the shower to confirm it, and he's going to need to be well-rested to deal with a day of fielding phone calls.

 If true, well, observers thought things were going so well. Thanks for sharing, guys! Keep that linked interview in mind if spokespeaople now say they hope everyone respects their privacy in this difficult time. Of course, we should, but perhaps if they didn't overshare about the good stuff people wouldn't think they had the right to know everything that's going on in their lives. Just a thought.

Kate Moss diet advice banned from T-shirts

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: August 10, 2011 - 1:23 PM

Why anyone would want to emulate Kate Moss, who apparently survives on a diet of cigarettes and photons emitted by photograper’s flashbulbs, is a mystery, but apparently they do. Because she’s thin and rich and has a glamorous life, I guess. The Telegraph says:

A website which stocked a range of children's T-shirts emblazoned with a controversial quote from model Kate Moss has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The range of T-shirts labelled "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" was available on the UK website in April.

Zazzle has been ordered to take down the advert, which campaigners feared could encourage teenage girls to develop eating disorders.

Moss, 37, caused outrage when she claimed in 2009 she lived by the slogan.

Ordered by the ASA? Don’t think that has any legal weight. Zazzle says the saying did not appear on children’s clothes, so the first line of the piece is a bit misleading.


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