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Betty White has aged over the years

Posted by: James Lileks under Random Updated: November 28, 2011 - 12:26 PM

Okay, maybe it's just me, but isn't there something peculiar about this People video?

Wow! It's almost as if she aged, or something! Perhaps the video shows her astonishing, kaleidoscopic makeovers in a dazzling parade that makes Lady Gaga look like Tom Wolfe, but from the frame they use to illustrate the point, she not only looks the same, it's possible she's wearing the same blouse.

WARNING: it's just a screen shot. Not the actual video. Don't click on it and get angry because nothing happens. 

More legal woes for Wesley Snipes

Posted by: James Lileks under Naughty Updated: November 22, 2011 - 11:06 AM


Every day he waits for his agent to call and tell him they’re talking about “Blade 4.” TheWrap reports:


Wesley Snipes won't be leaving home with his American Express card anytime soon -- primarily because he's currently sitting in the slammer -- and that's probably a good thing.

 "Blade" star Snipes was slapped with a lawsuit in Orange County, Fla., Circuit Court on Friday by American Express, which claims that the actor racked up a $29,343 bill with them when he was still walking free.

The complaint is seeking that amount, plus interest, attorney fees and court costs.

That should be easy to prove. Mr. Snipes, is this your signature on the charge slip? Yes. And you’re not paying this $968 dinner tab . . . because? Because the restaurant has no authority over me, according to a little-known provision in the Constitution that prohibits tavern owners from seizing the property of another person across state lines without a writ from the posse comitatus. Uh huh. And why are you currently in jail? A difference of opinion over my interpretation of the Constitution. Uh huh. So, when you used your card to pay for these things, did you intend to pay? I invoke my Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Bottom line? They’ll be lucky to see half of it. Unless there’s a Blade 4, but the government probably has dibs on future earnings.

Why all movie posters look alike

Posted by: James Lileks under Hollywood Updated: November 9, 2011 - 1:30 PM

 Why? Because they remind you of that one movie with that guy who did that thing and everyone was like WHOAA. Or because they want you to think "Pretty Women" or some other movie for which you have a vague recollection of goodwill. Here's a breakdown of 13 familiar trends in movie posters, starting with "Tiny People On the Beach, Giant Heads in the Clouds."

"Lost" star wants a jury trial

Posted by: James Lileks under Hollywood Updated: November 8, 2011 - 1:36 PM


Careers have several phases - the early years of small thankless roles, the breakthrough role, the long fame-solidifying role in a successful series, and then . . . the lawsuit phase.


Matthew Fox wants a jury trial in a Cleveland civil lawsuit claiming the former star of TV's "Lost" punched the driver of a chartered party bus.
Online court records show Fox made the demand in a counterclaim filed Thursday.

In her lawsuit, driver Heather Bormann of Cleveland alleges that Fox punched her in the breast, groin, arm and legs after she blocked him from boarding the bus on Aug. 28. Fox was in Cleveland for a movie shoot.

Bormann's suit says she needed medical treatment for injuries that led to a loss of income. She's seeking at least $75,000 in damages.

Cleveland prosecutors reviewed the case and declined to file charges against the actor.

You’d want the jury to hear that, yes. He’s also suing her. TMZ says:

Fox is countersuing Heather Bormann, who filed her own lawsuit in September, claiming a drunken Fox tried to board a party bus she was driving in Cleveland, Ohio.  Bormann alleged Fox attacked her after she ordered him to stay off the bus.  That's when Bormann claims Fox struck her in the breast, arm, leg and, of course, the vagina.

Of course.

Fox alleges in his countersuit ... she's just lying, and in reality he didn't provoke her but she's the one who physically attacked him.

Fox claims he's lost work because TMZ and other media outlets have reported her lawsuit, and she has subjected him to "public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and whether his career has long-term damage. Or whether he has one. Or needs one. If he invested well, he could just move to Hawaii and live on a pineapple farm, where no one will ever come up and ask him to explain the last episode of “Lost.” I understood it, but it’s still not completely clear. The part about the bomb is confusing, now that I think about it. Did it kill everyone, and that’s why they went sideways in time to the after-party? I think it would be easier to watch the entire show in reverse, so it becomes a long drama about people with very confusing stories who eventually get scooped up by an airplane that backs into the gate at an Australian airport, and they go back their simple, easily-explained life.

Actor arrested; actually had a career going, too

Posted by: James Lileks under Naughty Updated: November 7, 2011 - 11:29 AM


Actor from “Criminal Minds” and “CSI” has a criminal mind, leading to a crime-scene investigation:


Actor Kesun Mitchell Loder, whose television credits include "CSI" and "ER," faces a court hearing in Wilmington on charges he attempted a burglary at a mobile phone store.

The StarNews of Wilmington reported  that the 18-year-old was arrested on charges of attempted breaking and entering, possession of burglary tools and carrying a concealed weapon. Loder's acting stage name is K'Sun Ray.

Because “Kesun” just isn’t distinctive enough.

Depp had a flopp

Posted by: James Lileks under Hollywood Updated: October 31, 2011 - 3:17 PM

Ouch. The Wrap says:

One of the biggest movie stars in the world suffered one of the biggest box-office flops of his career this weekend.


Even with Johnny Depp, the Hunter S. Thompson-themed "Rum Diary" couldn't scrape up more than $5 million at 2,272 North American locations. Considering the movie had a budget of about $45 million, that's a tough opening for the FilmDistrict release.

So that’s $40 million down the rathole? More, no doubt; there’s marketing to consider, and prints. They’ll probably make it up in foreign markets by painting eyeliner on Depp’s character and retitling it “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle Of Rum Diary” to make it seem like a pirate pic, so all is not lost. Meanwhile, heads are scratching: why did it tank? Bad week for small films? Depp’s appeal on the wane? People like him only when he’s piratical? Perhaps because word of mouth was like halitosis: The movie got a C minus from people who actually saw it, and Hunter S. Thompson’s appeal may not be as universal as some suspect. It’s not his first bomb: the story notes that “The Tourist,” “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,” and “The Libertine” underperformed as well. He’ll do well in the upcoming “Lone Ranger,” but this probably isn’t the time to sign on to any “Waterworld” sequels.


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