C.J.: Ask ESPN's Mike and Mike a stupid question and prepare for the playful ridicule

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 19, 2014 - 5:16 PM

The number one rule of interviewing ESPN’s Mike and Mike is not to ask them poorly worded questions.

I know this.

But I slipped up when Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic sat down with me at Kieran’s Irish Pub, the temporary Minneapolis locale for their national morning ESPN Radio show — airing locally from 5-9 a.m. on AM 1500 ESPN, and also on an ESPN cable channel — when they were here for the All-Star Game.

While that was an embarrassing instant, my stellar moment came when I asked a question so funny that Golic kind of giggled while repeating it. Listen for the question that mentions the word “cow” and hear Golic’s delightful response in my startribune.com/video.


Q: A guest living or dead you would love to have on the show?

Greeny: First of all, I think I’d rather have one living.

Golic: I would as well. Because we have to carry the dead.

Greeny: Generally speaking, I think dead would be tough. We’ve had some bad interviews, but I think very few would be as difficult as that.

Golic: We wouldn’t even get any kind of acknowledgment, that we were really doing an interview. That would hurt our feelings as well — couldn’t even get any kind of a look.

Greeny: The ultimate sports interviews are somewhat obvious, I would guess. Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, people like that. To take it out of sports and into an area more realistic, a guy I’d love to interview — Golic may not realize it, but he would, too — is John Irving the novelist, who is my idol and I think the greatest American novelist of the second half of the 20th century. And the reason you would like it is that he is also a member of the World Wrestling Hall of Fame. Was a wrestler and wrestling coach and one of the biggest supporters of wrestling in the United States, that we have, financially and in other ways. We could talk to him about wrestling, which he loves.

Golic: I would not want to talk to him, though. I would love to interview Thor, quite honestly, is where I would go. With the different realm that he’s in and to get here to Earth and how heavy is the hammer that he carries.


Q: And why is he the only one who can lift it?

Golic: Exactly right. And it always comes back to him like a boomerang. I mean, the questions are endless that you could talk about with Thor.

Greeny: You talk to Thor and I’ll talk to John Irving. And if that doesn’t pretty much sum up Mike and Mike for you, in a nutshell, I don’t know what possibly could.

Golic: And if we can’t get those two guys, then we’ll talk to a dead person.


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