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Prince to rock 'Saturday Night Live' on Nov. 1

Posted by: Jon Bream Updated: October 14, 2014 - 3:31 PM


Prince/ NYT photo

Prince/ NYT photo


Prince is finally going to do something big to promote his two new albums – perform on “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 1.

The host is Chris Rock, who is known to do a fierce Prince impersonation.

SNL announced the news on its Twitter feed but didn’t make it clear if Prince would be appearing with 3rdEyeGirl or solo – or both. Remember, on Sept. 30, he issued an album with 3rdEyeGirl, “PlectrumElectrum,” and a solo album, “Art Official Age.”

Prince has appeared on SNL twice before – in 1981 (he played “Party Up”) and in 2006 (he did “Fury” and “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed” with Tamar).

Watch Lizzo embrace her Letterman TV moment

Posted by: Chris Riemenschneider Updated: October 8, 2014 - 9:40 AM
Lizzo going in for the thrill with David Letterman.

Lizzo going in for the thrill with David Letterman.

To paraphrase Eminem's "Lose Yourself," it looked as if Lizzo lost herself in the moment and was never, ever going to let David Letterman go when she gave him a big bear hug at the end of her network TV debut Tuesday night.

The Minneapolis rapper performed her extra-grindy single "Bus Passes and Happy Meals" for CBS's "The Late Show" and made some sly moves throughout her appearance, including a vogued-out pose near the start and some synchronized dancing with co-vocalist Sophia Eris. Her most audacious move, however, came when Dave reached out to shake her hand -- and she reached in for the full-on embrace, which Letterman seemed to get a kick out of.

Letterman also showed his amusement when he introduced her, saying, "Her album is titled -- what else? -- 'Lizzobangers.' "

Backed by Doomtree producer/beatmaker Lazerbeak and Har Mar Superstar drummer Ryan McMahon, the real-life Melissa Jefferson donned a black T-shirt for the show that read, "I Feel You André," a nod to the different message-adorned shirts André 3000 has been wearing at OutKast reunion shows.


Lizzo posted photos from the set, including this one to the left from her Facebook page that shows her holding her intro card. After the show, Lazerbeak offered this account of what went down behind the scenes at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Tuesday:

"A good reminder to anyone going on late night TV: Make friends with the sound fx guy. He mimicked a Letterman monologue for us during some down time and let us hit all the different buttons (gong, explosions, etc). Also learned the combination of sounds it takes to create the punch line of the "Dave throwing a pencil at the camera" bit. Everyone at the show was a total pro and super welcoming to our whole crew. Surreal day."

Lizzo to bang one out on Letterman's show Tuesday

Posted by: Chris Riemenschneider Updated: October 6, 2014 - 1:33 PM

A year after releasing her debut album “Lizzobangers” via local indie label Totally Gross National Product, Lizzo will be making a totally awesome national TV debut Tuesday night on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” her handlers just announced today.

The Minneapolis-based rapper will perform on CBS after an appearance by actor Robert Downey, Jr. (airing at 10:35 p.m. Central Time). She will share the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater with her chief "Lizzobangers" collaborator, Doomtree producer/beatmaker Lazerbeak, along with her main rhyming partner Sophia Eris and Har Mar Superstar's drummer Ryan McMahon.

It’s been all of a week and a half since Lizzo played two sold-out shows at First Avenue with her pal Caroline Smith to cap off a bustling year, and there’s already a slew of new developments for her to tout besides the “Late Show” gig.

She and her Chalice bandmates appear on “Boy Trouble,” a track on one of Prince’s new albums, which was kept hush-hush until its release day. She and Smith recorded a track with Canadian electronic singer/producer Grimes this past weekend, which we know about because they sent out photos of their session via Instagram. Lizzo also debuted a new YouTube video series, “Big Grrrl Small World,” featuring footage of her messing with passersby at the Minnesota State Fair.

Following the Letterman appearance, Lizzo bounces to Los Angeles to play next weekend’s Super Sonico festival. Then she’ll open a string of tour dates for Chvrches in England, where “Lizzobangers” was re-released last summer via Virgin Records.

Lizzo is the third Minnesota music act to perform on Letterman's show this year, following Trampled by Turtles' back-scratcher appearance in July and Jeremy Messersmith's turn in August.

"Topless Cellist" biographer to tell all at Walker Art Center

Posted by: Mary Abbe Updated: September 30, 2014 - 5:54 PM

Joan Rothfuss, author of "Topless Cellist: the Improbable Life of Chralotte Moorman."

Forget Pablo Casals and Yo-Yo Ma. Sure they were, and are, brilliant cellists, but those guys kept their clothes on. For sheer spectacle, madcap antics,exhibitionism and a generous dollop of cello skills, you want Julliard-trained Charlotte Moorman, a gal from Little Rock, AK who grabbed the avant garde by the scruff of its self-absorbed neck and -- in the 1960s and '70 -- dragged it onto the public glare of television variety and talk shows (Mike Douglas, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin), shopping malls and prisons, and to New York City's Central Park, Shea Stadium and Grand Central Terminal.

In former Walker Art Center curator Joan Rothfuss, Moorman has found her perfect biographer. Rothfuss's "Topless Cellist: The Improbable Life of Charlotte Moorman," (MIT Press, $34.95) is fast paced, thoroughly researched, amusing, witty, compassionate, deeply informed and filled with jaw-dropping stories. Rothfuss will talk about Moorman and sign copies of the book at 2 p.m. October 5 in the Walker Cinema, 1750 Hennepin Av., Minneapolis. Free. 612-375-7600 or www.walkerart.org

Moorman played the cello while suspended from balloons floating over Australia's Sydney Opera House, performed on a cello made of ice, and often did her shows topless, in the buff, wrapped in cellophane, or wearing the "TV Bra," a contraption that sported two mini-televisions, one for each breast, in plexiglass boxes attached to transparent straps.

In February 1967 she was arrested (during a topless performance), tried and, in a sensationalized trial that generated huge publicity, convicted for violating "community standards of decency." Though humiliated by the incident, she embraced the "Topless Cellist" nickname that it spawned.

"TV Bra," was designed and built by Moorman's longtime companion and fellow avant-gardist Nam June Paik and is sometimes blamed for the breast cancer from which she died in 1991, age 57. To test that assumption, Rothfuss had the bra checked by a physicist who measured the radiation it emitted and concluded that it was highly unlikely that Moorman would have gotten cancer as a result of her performances while wearing it. "TV Bra" is now in the collection of Walker Art Center along with Paik's "TV Cello" and other Moorman/Paik memorabilia.

As a friend, colleague, pal and sometimes irritant to many contemporary artists, Moorman is remembered in Rothfuss' book by Yoko Ono, Jasper Johns, Allan Kaprow, and others too numerous to mention.

"Topless Cellist" is a brilliant portrait of a true original and the chaotic, confrontational, destructive, absurd era in which she lived. It's also a must read for anyone who was flirting with Artland back then, or wishes they'd been on the scene. A portrait of the times as much as the woman, "Topless Cellist," gives a full measure of a life lived with "extreme passion, extreme sex, extreme beauty." 

RIP Charlotte Moorman, 1933-1991

Replacements bring one good dose of thunder to 'Tonight Show'

Posted by: Chris Riemenschneider Updated: September 9, 2014 - 11:53 PM

They didn't get to jam with Keith Richards, but at least they got to raise the ghost of Alex Chilton on national TV.

The Replacements hit "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday night for their first TV gig since reforming with a new lineup a year ago August. Richards was also on the set earlier in the show plugging his new children's book but never mingled with the 'Mats on air.

Introduced by a genuinely excited-looking Jimmy Fallon as a "massively beloved and influential rock band in the midst of their first tour since 1991," the Minneapolis legends tore through their classic 1987 tribute to the late leader of Big Star, "Alex Chilton." Word is the band also played a second song that wasn't aired but will hopefully be posted on Fallon's site later Wednesday.

While bassist Tommy Stinson wore a slick pinstripe jacket and guitarist David Minehan stuck with the kind of plaid suit of Replacements lore, frontman Paul Westerberg looked like he was headed to school with his 16-year-old son Johnny the next day in a plain red T-shirt. He and Stinson exchanged several devilish smiles throughout the performance that suggested they were either having a blast or couldn't wait to be done (50-50 odds).

Having Richards on the set the same night added excitement and speculation among Replacements fans, especially those who remembered that the Minneapolis rockers opened for the British rock legend at his birthday bash with his side band the X-pensive Winos in 1988. Odds weren't good that Keith remembered, though. The musicians did at least get some hang time together backstage.

The build-up to the appearance was peppered with Instagram pics and tweets from the 30 Rock earlier in the day Tuesday, including an excited selfie from the Roots' drummer/bandleader Questlove with Tommy Stinson. It read: "Friggin Tommy Stinson! #TheReplacements return to NBC!!!!! #NewEra! #Legends"

The "Tonight Show's" music booker Jonathan Cohen -- who tweeted last week that he had been following around the 'Mats for a year trying to book them on the show -- sent out this photo of them with Richards. It read, "Keef and the Mats in the hallway after @fallontonight. I am a very happy and lucky fellow."

We're still looking for Westerberg to set up his Instagram account but can't hardly wait.


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