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Segel, Eisenberg on location at MOA

Posted by: Kristin Tillotson Updated: March 19, 2014 - 11:05 AM

Jesse Eisenberg, left, and Jason Segel braved the Mall of America shopping hordes to shoot movie scenes last weekend -- and did a little shopping. 

When you think of shooting locales for an arthouse film about "Infinite Jest" author David Foster Wallace, the Mall of America doesn't immediately spring to mind. But several spots around the MOA -- including Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, Nickelodeon Universe and the movie-theater complex --   were perfect for scenes from "The End of the Tour," starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg. The film is based on a book by a Rolling Stone reporter who accompanied Wallace, who famously suffered from severe depression and killed himself in 2008, on a nationwide book tour just as he was becoming a bold-face name.Segel plays Wallace, Eisenberg the reporter David Lipsky.  Joan Cusack and Mamie Gummer were also on hand for a few scenes with the guys.

An unsuspecting audience at a Muppets movie -- not the new one, "Muppets Most Wanted," but a "free family flicks" screening of 2011's "The Muppets" --  got a special meta-experience from Segel, who starred in it. Reports critic Tim Kelly, who was there, on his movie blog Cinematallica, just as Segel " was onscreen singing his third bar of 'Life's a Happy Song,'  the projector fritzed out, the lights came on and a guy walked out.  'Hi everyone, I’m Jason Segel. Thanks for coming today. In a moment you’re going to see me sing some more songs.' He thanked everyone again, made his way back out and left a theatre of stunned parents and kids to process what just occurred."  What a mensch, that Jason!

As can be seen from this passerby-shot photo found on Tumblr, Segel was in full Wallace drag for the shoot -- long unkempt dark hair, baggy clothes, bandana tied around his dome.

Prince & Zooey Deschanel release single 'Fallinlove2nite'

Posted by: Jon Bream Updated: March 17, 2014 - 4:36 PM



Prince and Zooey Deschanel on "New Girl"/ Fox

Prince has his 3rdEyeGirl band, and he also has his New Girl collaborator.

He and “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel have released a single, “Fallinlove2nite.” It was the song heard on his post-Super Bowl “New Girl” appearance when she joined him onstage and he utilized a megaphone to, um, enhance his vocals.

The tune is available today on iTunes via Epic Records. The label is touting it as the first joint venture by Prince and L.A. Reid, the producer-turned-record mogul.

Deschanel also has her own recording career as part of the duo She & Him with M. Ward.

John Stamos and MN rapper Prof in a real Twitter feud

Posted by: Chris Riemenschneider Updated: March 7, 2014 - 2:47 PM

A photo mash-up of actor John Stamos and Minneapolis rapper Prof was thrown into the rough Twitter mix last night by John Hauer @J3Holden.

Among the myriad of Twitter feuds you never thought you would see, the odd case of mouthy Twin Cities rapper Prof vs. hunky “Full House” and "ER" actor John Stamos might take the cake.

After two years of ironic, stalkerly tweets essentially trying to get a rise out of Stamos, Prof finally got his attention in a big way. The tipping point was a tweet sent a couple months ago that apparently suggested the actor famous for his “uncle” character is into children in a perverted way. Prof actually doesn’t remember sending the tweet and can’t find it now – “Let’s face it: I was probably drunk,” the rapper said – but Stamos certainly did remember it. He sent out several vehement tweets on the matter Thursday.

“U do pediphile [sic] jokes I’ll kill you,” read one of the messages from the @JohnStamos account, which has nearly 1.4 million followers (compared to almost 15,000 for @Profstophouse; though that number could very well be going up today).

Here are some of the other more colorful tweets sent out during the fracas, including one of several deleted from the Stamos account but captured by Prof on Instagram.

In the end, Prof and Stamos finally connected by phone late Thursday night and talked for about a half hour, according to Prof. It was tense at first, he said. “He told me he was lawyering up,” Prof claimed, admitting that threat scared him: “I really don’t know if I did break the law or not. Maybe.” (A legal case on the matter might have amounted to the Twitter equivalent of the Hustler Magazine v. Falwell trial.)

However, as the two got to talking, apparently things did smooth over -- at least to the point where Stamos backed off any legal threats, Prof said. The actor's New York publicist declined to verify details of the phone conversation or comment on the Twitter exchange. Stamos did confirm the phone call on Twitter. Pointing to his 28-year dedication to Phoenix-based abuse resource center Childhelp -- which he referenced in earlier tweets explaining his anger -- Stamos sent out a tweet  Friday morning verifying the phone conversation, one of which read, “He apologized like a man.”

Adding to the all-out bizarreness of this feud, Prof said he and Stamos originally traded personal messages a year ago and almost met in person when Prof’s tweets first started reaching a feverish pitch. While he asked that the rapper “back off” then, Prof claimed, Stamos also apparently said he looked up Prof’s music and videos in the interim and enjoyed his work. The actor is well known to be a big music fan in general, having moonlighted often as an auxiliary percussionist for the Beach Boys. He even appeared in the memorable video for “Try to Sleep” by Duluth favorites Low.

A publicity photo for Prof's "King Gampo" album showed off his inflated sense of humor.

A publicity photo for Prof's "King Gampo" album showed off his inflated sense of humor.

However, Stamos was not a big enough fan of Prof to take the rapper up on a guest-list spot for the rapper’s show at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre in December 2012. Being a no-show predictably earned Stamos all the more grief from Prof’s Twitter account at the time.

Prof also sent out a conciliatory tweet this morning that read, “Had a half hour conversation w @JohnStamos. Believe it or not, he is a REAL MAN. We ironed out our differences, & are now BFFS once again.”

Talking afterward, he also applauded Stamos for "being a good sport about it and not turning it into a Hollywood lawyer thing." However, the real-life Jacob Anderson also made it clear he does not intend to stop what he called "a comical obsession” over the actor – the sort of uncomfortable, unexplainable humor that fits in well with Prof’s overall act. “My fans loved it from the start,” he said of the Twitter fixation, which from his point of view has only been upgraded to another level.

“It’s an intense relationship; we’re sort of still in the newlywed stage,” Prof quipped, adding with no sense of irony, “This is really a dream come true of mine.”

Bringing the war home: Tom Hiddleston onscreen as Shakespeare's tragic hero Coriolanus

Posted by: Colin Covert Updated: March 6, 2014 - 10:31 AM

Attention Tom Hiddleston fans! If you can't wait for Loki's next appearance in the Marvel universe, maybe some live theater will tide you over. He stars as the noble yet reckless general fighting a private war between personal integrity and popular acclaim in the National Theatre Live production of Shakespeare's Roman epic "Coriolanus." The performance, recorded live in late January, shows at 11:00am on Sunday, March 9th at the Edina Cinema.

Prince gets funny and funky on 'Arsenio Hall Show'

Posted by: Jon Bream Updated: March 6, 2014 - 1:28 AM

Prince, we hardly knew ya. At least not like this.

The Purple One answered questions from fans and Arsenio Hall — and even played advice guru.

Prince has never seemed so normal, so comfortable and so un-self-conscious on television as he was Wednesday night on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” Yep, that Arsenio who had Prince as a guest back in the early ‘90s.

Except for Hall’s opening monologue, Wednesday’s hour-long program was devoted to Prince. With the New Power Generation and 3rdEyeGirl, he played two new songs (“FunknRoll,” “Mutiny”) and one old one (“She’s Always in My Hair”), and Liv Warfield, one of his former backup singers, offered a tune from her new album.

In conversation with Arsenio and the studio audience, Prince – wearing a series of turtlenecks and fur- or fringe-trimmed vests -- was quick, funny and short but to the point.

Here are some things Prince revealed:

  • He doesn’t have a cellphone. “Everybody I know has one.”
  • His pet peeve is strangers touching his hair.
  • He doesn’t watch “American Idol,” “The Voice” or other TV talent shows because he always finds himself rearranging the music (in his head) that he hears others perform.
  • He doesn’t watch infomercials. In fact, he acted like he didn’t know what they were.
  • “Purple Rain” happened to come on the TV three days ago and, in his living room, he watched the scene featuring the tune “Take Me with U.”
  • He doesn’t have a favorite song. He always answers that by saying “the next one.” Then he mentioned a new one called "The Breakdown."
  • When asked about all the songs he has in his vault at Paisley Park, he said, “I don’t go back in time.”
  • He hasn’t released an album for a while because "We live in a singles-driven market. I live in the old school and making albums is what I like. You wait until you have other songs to go with (ones you like). Without a contract, there's no rush to do an album."
  • When asked about music and technology, he called it a double-edged sword where artists aren’t getting paid their fair share and it’s difficult to do audits and accounting. “it’s about justice and fairness,” he said.
  • He can cook. “Only one thing. Omelets. All my friends have high cholesterol.”
  • He never had a Plan B. “When I was 16 and completely broke, I got the Yellow Pages out and couldn’t find a thing I wanted to do.” Later in the conversation, he amended that by saying he’d want “to teach in some capacity.”
  • Steven, an audience member, asked Prince to help him sort out a problem with his out-of-town girlfriend, whose first date together was a Prince concert last year. So, on TV, Arsenio and Prince called Keegan. After asking her why she started seeing her ex- again after Steven moved to L.A., Prince listened to her answer and then said: “In this life, you’re on your own. This is what it sounds like when Steven hangs up.” Then Keegan asked if Prince would go out with her. “No,” he said, “I’m not available.”

Photo: Arsenio Hall Show/ CBS Television Distribution



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