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KARE's Mike Pomeranz: The exit interview

Posted by: Neal Justin under Behind the scenes, Local TV and radio Updated: February 28, 2012 - 3:48 PM

Mike Pomeranz/photo from KARE


Finally got a chance Tuesday afternoon to catch up with Mike Pomeranz who is leaving KARE-Ch. 11 after six years as one of its top anchors. Pomeranz is leaving for a job broadcasting San Diego Padres' games. Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

Q: You must have mixed feelings about leaving.

A: It's never easy. I am really enjoying what I'm doing, but this started to make more sense. I've got two little girls, 11 and 9, and I just wasn't seeing my family enough by anchoring three shows here. My folks split when I was little, so family is really important to me.

Q: But aren't you going to be on the road a lot?

A: No, only the first few weeks while they get the studio ready. I'm going to be the studio host, the pre-game and post-game shows. There will be some other stuff that's yet to be determined.

Q: You'll be working with Dick Enberg and Tony Gwynn. That's something else.

A:: I don't want to sound trite, but it really is a thrill. Anyone who follows sports knows Dick Enberg and anyone who knows anything even remotely about baseball knows Tony Gwynn. It may take me a season to get over the awe factor of working with Dick Enberg.

Q: You were in the Twins system as a pitcher before hurting your shoulder. Could you have gone straight into sports broadcasting after that injury or did you need a break?

A: Everyone is different, but for me personally, it would have been difficult. It gave me a chance to get some separation and not be thinking if I could still make it. When I went back to school, I realized there would be more opportunities in news. It wasn't like ESPN was going to hire me because I was some big shot baseball player. I mean, I wasn't that good anyways and the shoulder injury made me flat-out worthless.

Q:I know a lot of people are feeling sorry for you because you're being forced to move to San Diego.

A: Yeah, that's a bitter pill to swallow, especially in the winter with a possible storm coming in.

Q: Anything you absolutely want to do before you leave later this month?

A: Well, as long as you're picking up the bill, Oceannaire or Manny's sounds good.


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