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Continued: C.J.: Jason Matheson sees another TV station and marriage in future

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Last update: March 12, 2013 - 9:00 PM

A Let’s move on. I think everyone is great.

Q I hear you’ve started working on a one-man show — or is it a book?

A I do want to do a book. But I’m toward the end of an outline for a one-man show. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to do stand-up comedy, and I want to do a one-man show. I loved Billy Crystal’s one-man show, and Gilda Radner’s.

Q That makes me want to know who you think should host the Oscars?

A Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, because they are just snarky enough to play to that room well, but not mean enough where they lose the audience at home or the thin-skinned Hollywood people. I heard this the other day: Billy Crystal told one of the hosts coming up it’s a tough job because after the first 15 minutes you’re talking to the losers, people who haven’t won anything, and they are angry and are not going to be very happy anyway. That’s a really tough room. My favorite host isn’t Billy Crystal — it’s probably Johnny Carson.

Q This is someone who’ll probably never get an Oscar unless it’s for directing: Can you ever forgive Josh Hartnett for being such a slug during that interview you did with him? This came up again the other day when you were saying your goodbyes on Fox.

A For 12 years, I’ve done nothing but rag on him. But he’s a good friend, a longtime friend of Colleen Lindstrom from MyTalk, and she said he’s the nicest guy. I think I just caught Josh on a bad day, because I’ve seen subsequent interviews where he’s much nicer. He still did only say 47 words in that interview.

Q How often do you e-mail Katie Couric and Linda Gray?

A I e-mail Katie maybe once every couple months, just to say hi. Linda Gray I’ve never e-mailed, but I’ve been lucky enough lately because I’ve seen her a couple of times last year, and I just saw her in January.

Q One of my great regrets is that I wasn’t rolling with a video the day you met Linda Gray. Boy, can you cry!

A Oh, God.

Q For an only child, you are not very good by yourself?

A Col and I just went to Target, and I’d just had it [as in enough with the togetherness]. There are moments — and they are getting much more spread out than like 10 years ago, five years ago — that I definitely need my alone time. Tomorrow I may need to take a drive. I still have the tendencies of an only child.

Q Is it too early to say whether you and Collin will get married?

A No. We will.

Q Is it true that Collin’s fussier than you are when it comes to tidiness?

A Yeah.

Q Do people call you “Rain Man” because you have a eidetic (I-DET-ICK) memory, like Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory”?

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