DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza is taking a direct hit at Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer -- and former VP candidate Sarah Palin.

The ad, Entenza's sixth and airing now, notes that Palin endorsed Emmer and calls the Republican candidate "a Bush Republican who'll double down on failed Pawlenty policies."

For Entenza, the reminder of Palin's Emmer endorsement could be gold -- Democrats who'll vote in the August primary likely are less than fond of her. But it could help Emmer among his faithful -- he is not yet on the air so it serves to remind Republican backers of the nod from a woman who attracts a passionate following. The Pawlenty mention is similarly split. Minnesotans, in general, haven't been all that fond of all of Pawlenty's policies but still tend to like him as a person. The Bush mention has a clearer upside -- by the time he left office Bush was unpopular with both Democrats and Republicans.

Going after Emmer at this point is an interesting strategy choice. Before Entenza could face the Republican nominee, he'll have to best DFLers Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher in a primary. But it may help him convince voters that he would be ready for the coming November fight.

Here's the ad:

 And the transcript:

Meet Sarah Palin’s candidate for governor.

Tom Emmer.

Endorsed by Palin.

A Bush Republican who’ll double down on failed Pawlenty policies.

Devastating 30 percent budget cuts… education under threat.

Emmer’s more of the same.

For a new direction… Matt Entenza.

He stood up to Pawlenty -- and won -- blocking deep education cuts.

He’ll scrap No Child Left Behind.

Stop teaching to the test, so we can teach to every child’s potential … and make Minnesota great again.

Meanwhile, Kelliher shared her first television ad over the weekend.

The ad, a basic, non-flashy bio spot, will start airing Tuesday.

The only available embed of the ad includes Kelliher's blatant pitch for contributions. The ad and that money ask is below:


I'll post a transcript when one is available.

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