When I knit, I like to make things that people can wear.  When I garden, I like to grow things that people can eat.  A walk last night showed me how my personal landscape is so much different than others.



I have a small city lot, so there is not much room.  But where there is room, I grow things I can eat.  Where a neighbor may have spirea bushes, I have blueberries. 

Their flowering lilac tree is my plum tree.  Something inside me says, if you grow something, make it worthwhile.  Certainly, lovely tropical plants and flowering annuals are great, but when I look at a rose bush, I think of rosehip tea.  



Last night, I photographed fruits from my garden, and I mean that literally.  I have plenty of vegetables, but these are fruits.   And yes, tomato is a fruit – the seeds are on the inside.  Because of the rain, these fruits have been growing very well.

Photographed here are:

mulberry -- hope I get them before the squirrels

blueberry - without any fruit thanks to the polar vortex

tomato - waiting patiently for my Mortgage Lifter

apple - time to prune fellow growers

plums - fruit is really heavy right now.



What fruits are growing nearby you?  Have you seen anything spectacular at the farmer’s market?