Republican Tom Emmer, who lags behind Democrat Mark Dayton in the close governor's race, Thursday refused to talk to the media after he was briefed on the state's economic forecast.

In his first public appearance since the race's recount started, Emmer walked quickly from a Capitol area elevator to a car and got in.

"Can you stop for a minute?" a reporter asked.

"No, I'm going to head out," he said.

"Why?" a reporter asked

"I've got meetings," Emmer said.

"Can't you stop and talk to us? We've been waiting for an hour," a reporter said.

"I didn't know that," said Emmer. He suggested that reporters call his spokesman to which one reporter said, "Your name's on the ballot."

"Do you have any thoughts on how things are going?" a reporter said.

"They're going great," Emmer said as he got into a waiting car.

"Do you think you are going to win the governor's race?" a reporter asked.

"See you guys," said Emmer and closed the car door, shutting off the 30-second conversation.

After his briefing, which ended about half an hour before Emmer's, Dayton did stop and talk to the three waiting reporters for a few minutes. Dayton also plans an afternoon press availability to talk about his reaction to the forecast.

The Star Tribune has had a request to interview Emmer since Nov. 3 but has had its request denied.

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