The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has launched a new website, which offers a daily blend of stories and conversation about what it means to "live Lutheran." is the companion site to, the official website of the ELCA churchwide organization. 

"We really wanted to create an every-member publication but with a new twist on the concept," said Scott J. Hendrickson, ELCA director for marketing and public relations. "We could either print and mail a publication to all 4.5 million ELCA Lutherans, or we could leverage new technology to create a living, breathing publication where members can explore and talk about their faith experiences."

Hendrickson said one significant aspect of is the blog section, featuring members from throughout the ELCA who have "very different perspectives and life experiences."

In addition to the blog entries, visitors will also find personal profiles written by ELCA members; articles from Seeds for the Parish, the resource newspaper for ELCA congregations; stories about members and their ministries; and short videos.

The concept behind was researched and tested with members, Hendrickson said. New content is posted daily, including stories about members and congregations, weekly text studies, and messages from leaders.

The site employs social media tools to enhance member engagement with the site. Members can use their Facebook profiles to connect to, he said.

 The ELCA is largest Lutheran denomination in the U.S. with nearly 4.5 million members in more than 10,000 congregations.