Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards said he was fined $20,000 by the NFL on Friday for spearing Dallas running back Marion Barber this past Sunday.

Edwards was not called for a penalty, and he said he doesn't believe he should have been fined.

"I just got fined $20,000 for a spear that really wasn't a spear," Edwards said. "If you look at the last play, [Dallas tackle Marc] Colombo speared Jared [Allen] and I don't believe he got fined. If you're going to fine people fine everybody. Don't just fine defensive guys. Because I'm pretty sure you can go back through our last five games and find something in every game that offensive linemen did to us that wasn't legal, grabbing our facemasks or doing this and that. But it doesn't get called and they don't get fined."

A league spokesman said Edwards was fined that amount because he is a repeat offender. He was fined earlier this season for roughing the passer and unnecessary roughness.

Edwards has been fined on multiple occasions the past few seasons, including a $25,000 payment for a pair of plays that were considered unnecessary roughness after a 2008 loss to the Bucs.

Edwards said his fine total for this season is now $32,500.

"Which is a lot of money," he said.
Edwards said recently that he planned to appeal all his fines from this season and that one was cut in half. Edwards was asked about the play that drew this most recent fine.
"I think it was in the third quarter," he said. "I hit Barber. They said I speared him. But it is what it is."
The NFL also announced that wide receiver Bernard Berrian was fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness for a late hit in the third quarter.

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