Eastview will play in the Class 2A boys' soccer championship game for the second consecutive year.

The Lightning's consistent defense tamed a quality Stillwater offense to advance with a 3-1 victory on Monday night at the Metrodome.

Pierce Erickson scored twice for Eastview (14-2-5), while Sam Fluegge used his arms to catapult his team into Thursday's final against Blaine.

Reaching far behind his head and sending his arms forward like a slingshot, Fluegge tossed the ball into the net early in the game. However, the throw-in never touched anyone and was ruled no goal. Fluegge's bombs continued to fly, though, and eventually his unique strength paid off.

The Lightning's first goal came off a Fluegge throw-in, headed into the goal by Jacob Opheim in the 26th minute.

Long offerings from the sideline produce regular opportunities for Eastview. It led to an opportunity early in the second half, and Erickson scored his second goal of the night in the 47th minute to lead 3-0.

"It's always nice to cause someone chaos," Fluegge said about his impressive range. "I just try to get it in there and give us an opportunity to score."

The Ponies (15-2-4) also had plenty of chances, but they couldn't find ways to finish. Their playoff run had produced 10 goals, but the Lightning zapped the Stillwater offense outside of a late penalty kick conversion.

"I thought we played well, we just couldn't finish," said Roma Devine, Stillwater's lone scorer. "It was just too late to finish off."