Sure, it feels early. And yes, it is the middle of summer.

But this year's Aug. 10 primary isn't the earliest primary Minnesota has seen, according to research from the stalwart Minnesota Senate Counsel Peter Wattson.

Ok, a Minnesota voter would have be in his or her 90s to have voted in an earlier primary than the one we are having this year, but those voters exist and so did the earlier primaries.

A 1913 law moved from September (technically seven weeks before the November election, according to Wattson's 2009 memo) to the third Tuesday in June. A 1915 law moved it to the third Monday in June (that's right it was both on a Monday -- who votes on Mondays? -- and early, early.)

It wasn't until a 1939 law passed that it was moved to September. In September it stayed until this year when the primary was moved to Aug. 10.

As long as Hot Dish is sharing more than you ever wanted to know about primary dates: Only 15 states -- and Guam and the Virgin Islands --  have primary days later than Minnesota's this year, according to the Federal Voting Assistance Program. FVAP says the earliest 2010 primary was Illinois -- they held their selection election in February.




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