Eagan is basking in the glow of a record voter turnout in the recent election.

Almost 84 percent of registered voters cast ballots on Nov. 6. The city's previous record was set in 2004, when 81 percent of the registered electorate voted.

The city says it beat the statewide turnout estimate of 76 percent and the national turnout of 57.5 percent.

About 6,700 people registered to vote at the polls in Eagan on Election Day, said City Clerk Christina Scipioni. That brought the number of registered voters in the city to more than 46,000, of whom more than 38,700 voted.

Eagan attributed the high turnout to interest in the proposed state constitutional amendments on marriage and voter identification and on several hotly contested legislative races. In the districts centered on the city -- Senate 51 and House 51A and 51B -- three Republicans were unseated by DFLers, outcomes that helped the DFL recapture majorities in the Legislature.