Update: Eight-year-old Jane Fiemeyer died around 11:30 a.m. today (Thursday), shortly after receiving a personalized video from her favorite boy band, Big Time Rush. The Wadena girl had battled leukemia for more than a year, and asked as a dying wish to meet the band members. Family and friends had been trying to arrange a meeting between Jane and the band early next week, but her condition declined rapidly after she was discharged from Children's Hospital in Minneapolis Wednesday.  
"Jane leaves behind many, many loved ones -- friends, family and complete strangers -- who have all been touched and inspired by her spirit and strength," her family said in a statement. "Her legacy lives on and will continue to live on long after her passing."
This recent picture is from the family's Caring Bridge support site.
(BLOG POST FROM EARLIER TODAY) Jane Fiemeyer, an eight-year-old with terminal leukemia, wants to meet the boy band Big Time Rush. Relatives, friends, the Make A Wish Foundation and the band itself are now hurrying to try to make that wish come true for the Wadena, Minn., girl, whose condition has deteriorated.
Jane watched a video this morning (Thursday) that the four members of the Nickelodeon band made especially for her, and is expected to have a video chat with them at 2 p.m. today, said Lisa Reddick, a family friend. A visit from the band on Monday is possible, but Jane's health is uncertain. Jane was released from Children's Hospital in Minneapolis on Wednesday, after doctors informed the family that her cancer was beyond treatment. The parents had planned to drive her home, but she ended up needing an ambulance ride instead.
Reddick said the video and the outreach by the band made Jane happy at a traumatic time for her and her family.
"We went from the belief that 'we have a few weeks, maybe a few months', to 'we have a few days,'" Reddick said. "She's really not well. If they're are able to come here, it would be Monday. It is really very tentative that she would still be alive."
The band members, who are currently on a national concert tour and who act as four hockey players from Minnesota in their Nickelodeon TV show, responded to the Fiemeyer family's social media campaign to connect with one of their biggest fans. Jil Fiemeyer told KARE-11 this week that her daughter has been courageous and inspirational since her cancer diagnosis in August 2011. She has even raised money for cancer research by making wallets out of duct tape and selling them.

"As a mom you do whatever you can to make your children's wishes come true," said Jil Fiemeyer, in an interview with KARE-11 that you can see here. "I think any parent, that's just what we do and I put it out to people who love her and do whatever I can to make her wishes come true. I'm trying to fit a lifetime of wishes in a shorter time frame and this is one that she's expressed to me that's important."

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